Shed Off these 3 Misconceptions about Rendering Before you Appoint Us

Are you planning to revamp your house and give it a brand new look altogether? We would suggest you to get it rendered instead of getting painted if you wish to get a long term impact. Rendered walls look attractive, and the charge for render is worth of every penny spent.

But, when people realise the striking benefits of different types of rendering, at the same time, they often get baffled by the misconceptions regarding the services too. Well, you should be staying out of these myths and better concentrate on the benefits, instead.

We have talked to our customers about it and gathered some evidence about the misconceptions. In this blog, we are going to debunk some of those myths and make you understand the truth more specifically.

Myth 1: You can Put Render over Paint

This is one of the most common misconceptions most of the people believe in. And, of course, driven by the focus of saving some money, they often take the paint for granted and ask the renderer to spread the rendering material on it. That’s a bad idea indeed.

When the cement renders in Melbourne is directly spread on the walls when the paint is already there, the material does not get bonded with the wall properly. It creates a rather weak interface which can cause the render to fall out quite quickly. Also, we have got enough evidence that putting on render over paint can invite organic growth. It leads to premature delamination, in which the layers get separated.

So, if you were thinking of saving some money by avoiding the paint removal process before rendering, in reality, you are going to run in the loss.

Myth 2: Rendering Work can Only be Done during Summer

Well, this is something quite a lot of people believe in Australia indeed, and that’s why we get the maximum number of business calls around this time of the year. It happens because people get fixated with the idea that the rendered walls must be dried up and it can only occur during summer.

However, as skilled experts of house rendering services in Melbourne, we do not really encourage the idea. The basic need of rendering is the weather needs to remain dry. That’s why we suggest not to go for rendering during the rainy season. But, winter is perfect if it is not that the weather is too cold or the environment is too foggy.

Myth 3: You can Rely on any Renderer

Not any renderer can do the job, but only the best one can do the job without a glitch. Rendering is not simple cement and sand mixture. Starting from the base coat to beading, reinforcement and the top coating – it’s a lot of cement rendering techniques that will continue to go on till your property is totally revamped. So make sure that you choose none but the best.

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