3 Steps for Transforming a Property with Render

Are you about to sell off your home and shift to someplace else? Getting in touch with a broker or property agent and then finally handing over to a good customer – all of it will not become that hard, to be honest! Especially when there is always a demand for a suitable property in the Australian market, you will not face any difficulty as such in selling the property.

All of it comes down to the price you will be getting that determine the current value of your property. It majorly depends on the property condition. You ought to give your property a complete makeover before you sell it off.

Painting might seem to be a lucrative option as it is cost-effective and helps in giving an instant makeover to your property. However, if you want to surge the amount, even more, you should certainly be going with rendering.

Transform the Damaged Exterior with Rendering – Steps to Follow

Step 1: Choose the Right Professionals


The very first step you ought to take is choosing the rendering experts. Specialisation, experience and skill set- these are the primary criteria you should look into while selecting the rendering service in Essendon. Ust Rendering Express is undoubtedly the most reliable professional company you should bank on in this case. We are fully insured and ensures optimum service excellence. With us, you can only expect quality service.

Step 2: Fixing the Budget


The next step, in this case, is determining the budget. If you want to stay economical regarding your choice, you should be going for cement or sand rendering service in North Melbourne will be the best option you should go for. The average cost for rendering would be around 1% of the overall price of the entire property.

For instance, if the value of your property is 100,000, the cost of rendering will be around 1,000. You can add the cost of scaffolding hire along with the rendering cost. Acrylic rendering will cost a bit high, but that will enhance the property value even more.

Step 3: Painting


Adding colour to the rendered walls indeed indicate the completion of the rendered work. For this, you can either choose to go for coloured rendering or wait up to at least 4 weeks after rendering before the painting work starts.

Why will Choosing Acrylic Rendering Prove to be Beneficial?

Speaking about the material, people often get divided on the type of material to choose that will prove to be the best for their house. If you listen to our recommendation, we will suggest you to go for acrylic rendering service in Brunswick. Cement or stucco rendering are also quite preferred services in Australia, but when you are trying to achieve both beauty and durability, then nothing stands similar to acrylic rendering. Also, acrylic render is crack and weather resistant.

So, are you ready to give your property a complete makeover? Choose Ust Rendering Express, the most reliable rendering service you will find in Australia.

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