cement rendering on walls
4 Common Blunders to Avoid When Cement Rendering on Walls

Are you planning to revamp your walls with cement render? Cement rendering requires expertise and proper understanding of mortar mix that will build the structural integrity of your home. While cement rendering in Ascot Vale can give you long-term benefits, a few common mistakes can result in expensive repairs.

We have come up with a few common mistakes made by a majority of the homeowners while rendering their walls.

Incorrect Proportion of Rendering Materials

incorrect proportion of rendering materials

While applying cement render on walls, a majority of the people do not give sufficient time for the render to dry up. It’s not a good idea to apply too much render mix at one go if you are doing the task on your own. Cement renders should be applied with force and kept on walls till the time it dries up on its own. If the process is not followed properly, the mixture would neither bind with the walls nor fill up the tiny holes or cracks properly.

Not Preparing the Base Before Rendering


Some owners lack time and patience and try to complete the task as early as possible. They don’t take proper care of the surface before rendering. If there is any dirt or grime or other debris on walls, the render will not bind firmly and expose all the internal cracks and holes post rendering. Therefore, it’s essential to clean the walls and get it dried before opting for cement rendering in Maribyrnong.

Applying the Mortar with Gentle Hands

applying the mortar with gentle hands

Rendering is not like painting where you can apply the mortar with gentle hands. It requires force and effort to apply the mixture on walls so that it can bind well and remain in place. Unlike in painting where you simply need to spread the paint with a brush or a roller, cement rendering requires force for an even distribution throughout the walls with a help of a trowel or a hand held tool.

Mixing Too Much Sealer with the Render

mixing too much sealer with the render

It’s a common misconception that cement render requires a thick coat of unibond sealer to prevent moisture ingression or protect paint or a stain finish. In reality, excessive use of sealer can look messy and disturb the cement’s composition. You need to begin applying the first coat of sealer. If it’s looks perfect and sufficient, you don’t have to apply the second coat. If you find it difficult, you can reach the experts providing cement rendering in Greensborough who can inspect the sealer every year for leaks or damage.

Find Trusted Rendered To Assist You

If you want to give a new look to your house with rendering, it’s better to choose reliable cement rendering in Ascot Vale for flawless services at affordable cost. The professionals at Rendering Express have years of experience and expertise to perform the task with perfection and care. Get in touch with our team of skilled contractors for a free quote.