“A Coat Of Render Is All It Takes To Make Homes Marvellous.”-A First-timers Knowledge Base!

As cliched as it may sound- if you wish to add more life and appeal to your home’s exterior, then one effective way is applying a quality coat of render.

Plus, it helps to boost your property appeal- which is even better! Exteriors are the first thing which the visitors (a.k.a potential buyers) see in a property. If they come across mismatched materials, substandard kerb appeal and poor exterior condition, then it may tip them off and compel them to change their mood.

One way to prevent this is to opt for a total rendering makeover. They will veil the poor quality mismatched materials on period properties and help create a sleek finish to your modernised home. They come self-coloured or to be painted for later.

Rendering treatments work marvellously for masonry or timber cladding to add more oomph and architectural character to the house. Plus, they are equally complemented by external insulation to warm up a particularly draughty house. To help you streamline your project requirements; you can speak to our experts at Rendering Express.

You can even view out different rendering services in Melbourne and decide which one suits your needs better.

Quality Render Treatments For Your Property’s Peripheral:


Acrylic Render: Considered to be the most popular type option around, acrylic render only takes a couple of days to dry off and can be applied on concrete, cement blocks and AAA concrete panelling. Other perks of acrylic rendering include- anti-fungal properties, water resistance and stripe-glistering finishes.

Cement Render: It is considered to be a standard choice for your external walls. They can be mixed on site and usually require 2-3 coats to get the job done. One perk of this rendering finish is that it doesn’t need frequent repainting to make it look fresh.

Polymer Render: Generally lime-based or cement based, it consists of polymer and many other plastic components added to the help prevent cracks. They are even pre-coloured, and that helps reduce your painting costs.

Lime Render: If you have an old property, then you want a flexible and breathable option to apply to the exterior wall surface. Lime render is one such option which suits period properties and helps alleviate damp issues.

Monocouche Render: This primarily refers to a single coat- meaning only one coat it needed for the treatment. This finish is based on cement and comes prepared mixed with water. Usually, they are a tad expensive than other rendering treatments, are self-coloured, crack resistant and self-cleanable.

How Much Should A Rendering Cost You (Approximately)?


This is a particularly difficult question to answer, especially as there is a wide variety of rendering treatments performed by different companies.

At Rendering Express; your one-stop rendering specialists in Melbourne have budget-friendly rates adhering to the industry-standard rates. The prices are based as per square metre (covering both supply and application).

  • Acrylic render finish costs Au$60
  • Cement render finish costs Au$85
  • Stucco render finish costs Au$ 100
  • Concrete polish render finish costs Au$120
  • Re-texturing a rendered coat costs AU$40
  • Venetian render finish costs Au$180

You can even check our customer testimonials and featured work to get more closure and trust.

So… if it’s your first render remodelling project, then speak to our experts. They will guide you in selecting the right render coat for your peripheral walls.