Acrylic Rendering – What Plus Points Does It Carry With It?

As a homeowner, you always aspire to have a home with an eye-catching exterior. There are a number of ways in which you can do it. One of them is going for acrylic rendering. As if to justify this, most of our customers who get in touch with us for the exterior rendering of their home would vouch for acrylic rendering.

And very rightly so! We at UST Rendering Express are home to some of the most competent and expert acrylic renders who make sure that once rendered, your home looks not only gorgeous and a class apart, but it becomes your pride and your neighbour’s envy.

What happens when you have acrylic rendering on the exteriors?


The process that is followed by our experts while applying acrylic rendering is similar to that of the process that is followed when it comes to applying other types of rendering.

The only difference between this type of rendering and the other varieties is that the procedure involves the use of an acrylic solution. The solution is more or less made up of plastics, thereby giving a waterproof effect on the exteriors.

Acrylic is quite flexible as it can be applied in numerous ways. You can actually roll it, you can spray it, and it can even be troweled on the wall surface.

Most importantly, acrylic increases the rendering strength more, compared to other varieties of rendering.

Besides, acrylic rendering in Melbourne can bind the mixture used in cement rendering firmly together, securely as well as tightly. Thus, it markedly reduces the probability of cracking of the exterior walls even in the long run.

Another prominent feature of this type of rendering is that the process involves the application of two layers and the two can have different shades, even if you use precisely the same materials.

The Benefits


People call us on most of the times for this type of rendering. This is because this rendering type, being more durable, help people in more than a way.

Instead of going for rendering repairs of the exterior walls a bit too often, it gives the homeowners peace of mind in regards to the safety and protection of their property from the natural elements for an extended period.

Here are the benefits of this variety of rendering.



This is one of the most prominent benefits of this variety of rendering, and this can be attributed to the properties of acrylic. Acrylic is crack-proof as it has flexibility. Due to this property, the natural movements like expansion and contraction will not result in the appearance of uncouth cracks all over the wall surfaces.

Multiple Substrates


This is another benefit of this variety of rendering. This rendering can be used on multiple types of substrates. Other than concrete, it can also be applied on timber and painted walls, and even on fiber cement.

Besides, it dries up quickly, and it is resistant to water and moisture. If you want to know more about this type of rendering and like to have the walls rendered, call UST Rendering Express now!

We will be more than glad to help you out in your plans to facelift your dream home!