Acrylic Rendering

Outlast the Weather with our Acrylic Rendering

Our acrylic based render & texture coating systems are the most innovative and stylish way to render your property. Acrylic rendering has been tried and tested for decades and offers more than just render. Acrylic renders are flexible, highly impact and weather resistant and will not crumble or separate from the surface.

Acrylic premixed renders have even higher enhanced water resistance and strength. They can be used on a wider variety of surfaces, including concrete, cement blocks, and AAC concrete panelling. Acrylic renders take only 2 days to dry and cure- much faster than the traditional render.

Some of these premixed acrylic renders have a smoother complexion than traditional renders. There are also a wide variety of acrylic bound pigmented ‘designer’ finishing coats that can be applied over acrylic render. Depending upon the product, they can be rolled, trowelled or sponged on. A limited number can also be sprayed on. Various finishes, patterns and textures are possible such as sand, sandstone, marble, stone, stone chip, lime wash or clay like finishes. They are stipple, glistening finishes, and those with enhanced water resistance and anti-fungal properties.