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Are You About to Buy a Rendered House? A Few Things to Know

Wall rendering is getting popular day-by-day than the traditional plastering, mainly for the 2-3 story buildings. For heavy-bricked walls, rendering offers proper support along with the durability, resistance as well as adequate straightness to the walls. So, according to me, it’s a great alternative to the traditional textured finish.

Well, if you’re going to buy a house with rendering, it is no doubt a hot trend for the home exteriors and property buyers find it worth investing for a house with the rendered finish. Here, I have a few things to tell you before you take the final decision.

So, What Are the Things to Know Before Buying a Rendered House?

House rendering is an effective way to change the look of the home. It involves the process of covering the walls with gradual layers of the cement mortar or other types of render mixes.

There is quite a simple reason why people choose to render the house, and it is an easy way to refurbish a home while providing it much required facelift. A rendered finish to the wall looks more elegant and cleaner coating over the bare brick walls or bagged finishes or foam render panels. It will create a more uniformed look if the walls are made of different materials creating a smooth finish. However, modern technology has introduced a number of renders that involves the use of lime-based or concrete-based application.

Acrylic Rendering:

acrylic rendering

 Our acrylic based render & texture coating is one of the innovative and stylish ways to render your property. Acrylic renders are flexible, high impact and weather resistant, and doesn’t even crumble upon the weathering effect. So, if a buyer wants to purchase a rendered home, we can offer rolling, troweling or sponging to offer the walls the necessary finishes, patterns and texture for a further decorative finish.

Pigmented Designer Finish:

pigmented designer finish

A number of pigmented finish is applied over the acrylic rendering in Brisbane. And, various patterns and finishes are achieved upon using sand, sandstone, marble, stone chip, lime wash or clay-like finish.

The most alluring factor about acrylic rendering is it comes with water-resistance and anti-fungal property.

Look for the Quality, Not Quantity:

quality not quantity

Before buying a previously rendered house, there are a few things to ensure

  1. Whereas the appearance matters, look if there are any imperfections. Whether it is evenly applied.
  2. Look for the cracks or bumps across the render.
  3. Whether there is any separation of the render from the wall.
  4. Is there any hollow spot or not
  5. Look for the overhanging windows and if there is enough clearance of renders from such an overhanging place.

Professionals apply render to the clean wall and it can last for years to come. Did you know, the type of render as well as the underlying type of mortar used for making brickwork plays a great role in lasting the render? Modern acrylic or plastic based renders last anywhere between 20-40 years. However, smoothness of the job and cleanliness of the walls prior to the application of render matters, when it comes to determining its longevity.