4 Considerable Questions To Clear Out Before Committing For A Wall Render

The practice of rendering brick homes has been prevalent for centuries. The trend started in Europe way back, but in recent times, it has caught the attention of countless homeowners Down-Under. Rendering can transform the whole aesthetics of a properly (be it residential/commercial).

But quality rendering requires you to consider plenty of factors. Here’s a post which explains four considerable questions to clear out before committing for a rendering project.

“What Type Of Render Will Work Best For Me?”


There are heaps of rendering options to choose for your external wall refurbishment. And to know those options; you should start by getting quotes from rendering companies.

Much to your delight, we at “Rendering Express”offer you:

  • Acrylic Render
  • Cement And Transition Sand Render
  • Stucco Render
  • Sand Finish Render
  • Blue Board Cladding
  • Moulding Installation
  • Pebble Dash Wall Finish
  • Scagliola Rustic
  • Velvet Finish/Limestone Finish And Also Polystyrene Cladding

And more. Plus, we vouchsafe that each of our exterior wall rendering services will be warranted and quality-assured!

“How Should I Find Competitive Quotes?”


A lot or rendering companies present different textures and appearance than its adversaries. So, when searching for quotes from licensed renderers, opt for the services that offer you the look you prefer. Do make sure you know everything about the service provider, including their service quotes. Another point which ought to be checked is whether the rendering company adheres to the industry standard rates or not.

To know this for sure; you should procure their service quotes and compare it with the rates of other notable agencies. This will make things more clear and allow you to make the right decision.

“Is It Possible To Perform DIY Rendering Operations?”


Despite the availability of so many tutorials and videos on rendering, it is recommended to not try this on your own. The reason being; you need to purchase all the rendering supplies to carry out the wall render. And you need to apply the first coat nicely and uniformly, to achieve the desired look. All this requires field knowledge-clearly which you don’t possess.

We believe that you don’t have to do it on your own. Our experts offering render repairs in Melbourne are just a call away, and with over 15-years of field experience under their belt, they will be able to carry out whatever rendering operation you want with utmost precision.

“How Much Will The Project Cost?”


This is totally dependent on the scope of the project, the type of render performed and the time taken to complete the project. As a rough guideline, an average home consists of 400m2 of peripheral wall space. So, the cost of rendering exterior walls could be somewhere around Au$30-Au$50 per square metre. Henceforth, a home of that size will require in the range of AU$12,000-AU$20,000 to be properly rendered.

The right thing would be to specify this aspect beforehand with our experts. In fact; you can summon them to your property and allow them to conduct a thorough inspection. Depending on that, they will decide the cost of the project.

WHY RENDER YOUR HOME?- Digging Deeper!


There are many properties that have a mish-mash of brickwork. Being exposed to the harsh Australian weather and sweltering heat makes it appear tired and unattractive.

That’s where our experts at “Rendering Express” and their field experience comes in handy. On your request, they will present your peripheral walls a smooth uniform finish. Our experts will strip off the old render and start afresh on the naked wall.

Truth be told, rendering your exterior walls seems a much better option than painting it over and over again.

Other than this, rendering your walls also provides-

  • Protection against penetrating dampness and presents more durability to the exterior walls.
  • Escalates the overall value of the property, thus guarantying more ROI (if you wish to sell it off anytime in the future).
  • Improvements in the house’s thermal performance and its resistance against weather and climatic changes.

Each of these reasons makes it clear why so many homeowners are eager to go for professional external wall rendering treatments. And it also validates why you should go for it without any second-guesses.

So without procrastinating any more, speak to our experts today. They will be more than willing to help you out with your exterior wall rendering project. And don’t worry about the costs- we ensure our service costs are budget-friendly for your wallets too!