4 Crucial Questions to Ask Prior To Hiring Rendering Services

The main aim of cement rendering is making the walls strong and not susceptible to weather fluctuations. Once you apply it to your exterior walls, it will stay intact for a fair length of time- say half a decade or even more. Plus with your exterior walls looking stronger and stunning at the same time, it is bound to enhance the resale value of your property.

Though you can perform the rendering operation on your own courtesy DIY tutorials and videos, it is always safer to hire trained and licensed professionals to get the task done on your behalf.

However, with so many rendering companies claiming to be the best in the market, it can be a tough task to determine which one is trustworthy. To help in this ordeal, here are some questions to ask your shortlisted rendering contractor prior to signing up any dotted papers.

Question 1: Are You Licensed And Can You Provide Proof?


The first question to ask your shortlisted rendering contractor is whether they are licensed and insured. This is crucial as in the event of any accidents or mishaps, their skills and insurance schemes may help you avoid unwanted headaches and expenses.

These general liabilities safeguard your property, their employees as well as sub-contractors present on your property. So; you should seek a copy of their insurance certificate and also ask for expiration details. Taking the document; you should call the insurance authority and get it verified immediately.

Question 2: Do You Provide Written Details Of Your Contracts?


Another important question to ask before hiring rendering contractors in Melbourne is whether they provide the full details of the contract in written form. And off-course you expect them to answer back with a resounding yes.

Your chosen contractor should present a clear picture of the contract and identify what you and the contractor have agreed upon. They should willingly provide a written contract including:

 A detailed description of the work with specific explanations of the materials and products to be used in the rendering process.

 The date on which the work is to commence and be completed.

 Details of the payment and how much will you be charged.

 The contractor’s warranty of the deal including what it will cover along with its duration.

So check for such written contracts, and if your selected rendering contractor hesitates or refuses, then skip over to the next best option.

Question 3: What Types Of Rendering Services Do You Perform?


Another key question to ask your contractor is their expertise in vivid rendering operations. Top-rated rendering services in Melbourne will present services such as:

 Acrylic Rendering
 Polystryrene Rendering
 Stucco Rendering
 Venetian Plastering

The good news for you is that rendering professionals at Rendering Express have over 15 years of experience under their belt and also possess knowledge in:

 Traditional Sand and Cement Rendering
 Sand finishing
 Moulding Installation
 Dodo/ Scagolia/ Rustic/ Pebble Dash Finish
 Blue Board Cladding
 Rough Cast Finishing

And more.

Question 4: Do You Charge as per Industry Standards?


After invigilating these above aspects; you should never finalise a deal without checking the prices of their services. You should ask them to provide you with a free quote and share some customer references to back their story.

Comparing their service rates with other top contractors and speaking to some of their recent customers will present a clear picture of their service quality as well as their rates.

These are those four crucial questions to ask your shortlisted contractor before selecting. Truth be told, the experts at Rendering Express will be happy to answer all these questions and help you out with your rendering requirements.

So, without delay, speak to them!