“Rendered Foam Cladding” – A Low-Cost-Versatile-& Easy-To-Use Option!

The concept of rendering walls with foam cladding is a very common practice- especially for 2-storey upper decks! In situations that make it difficult to provide adequate support for a heavy bricked wall- (most likely to set back the upper deck from the lower floor)- foam cladding offers a real advantage!

Much to your delight, Rendering Express provides you foam panels in a standard sheet size of 1200mm x 2400mm for the required thermal thickness for a particular project.

For The Construction Purpose:


  • We manufacture our foam boards using an external mesh face. This is fixed to the frame using special galvanised screws incorporating spreader washers.
  • Our technicians will seal the joints using polyurethane foam and consist of mesh joining tapes. All external corners are strengthened with metal strips.
  • And then a 5mm acrylic render is put to it to make a normal three-layered set-up.

Polystyrene Foam Options For Such Construction Work:


  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)- Great in thermal performance but with limited impact resistance and structural strength
  • And XPS (Extruded Polystyrene)- Also offers impressive thermal performance and even appears similar to EPS foams. However, for this a different production method applies and that results in greater impact resistance and structural reinforcement. Off course, this is also a tad higher, in cost, from the above option.

Our house rendering specialists in Melbourne can perform whatever foam cladding treatment you ask for along with its insulation valves for vivid board thicknesses- (50mm- R 1.2, 75mm- R 1.8 and even 100mm- R 2.4)

What Makes It Versatile?


  • Foam cladding treatments offer consistency, superior quality finish and ease-of-use on most surfaces- be it brick, steel frame buildings and even polystyrene sheets.
  • They are light-in-weight, rot and moisture resistant and impressively long-lasting.
  • There are no chances of any damps developing on blisters.
  • They also don’t cause any chemical reaction, and being inert makes it highly impervious to pests or mould formation.

At ‘Rendering Express’; our foam cladding is available in an array of colours and styles. You can feel free to check out those options or better yet, consult with our rendering specialists about popular styles that will complement your existing property decor.

What’s More:- They Are Budget-Friendly Too!


Truth be told, foam cladding finishes have different prices from different service providers. Plus, another factor that determines its price is how much per square metre will the cladding treatment be done upon.

Thus, before you decide on your budget, it is best to have a long chat with our specialists. If needed; you can even summon them to your property and have them check it out themselves. In this way, they can get a fair idea about the amount of work and the cladding resources needed for the task.

But for your peace-of-mind; we assure you that it will never be more than the accepted rates in the industry.

Final Words:

To strike a perfect balance between consistency, function and appearance, call us for our rendered foam cladding services. Once we are done; your property will never feel or look the same.

That’s a promise from our end!

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