Why Is Polystyrene Wall Cladding Better Than Brick Walls?

When it comes to the question of choosing between wall cladding and brick based walls, our customers often ask us, why cladding and not brick walls? Well, the team of Rendering Express has decided to resolve this query right here this time. Read on to find out the vivid details.

If you put a bird’s eye on this matter, you will be able to see that the choice can be varied based on the architectural differences and the location of your property. You have to understand the cons of having a brick wall first, and then you can decide on how polystyrene cladding can overshadow these cons.

Let’s take a look at the comparison based on some factors.

Application Process


It’s quite apparent that to install the brick walls; you are required to use it during the time of building construction. To get it done afterwards, you ought to demolish the entire structure and rebuild it again from the very beginning. However, for polystyrene cladding, you can leave it for later. Polystyrene is a thermoplastic mixed up with other resistant material for the application. You can get it done whenever you need it.



Well, you may feel surprised to know thatpolystyrene wall cladding cost is lesser than the cost of brick. Because of the simplistic application process, it becomes cheaper from the end of the professionals as the service charges will be less as well. So, when it comes to pricing, you can sure to save your pocket from getting hit by extra expenses as you choose the option of wall cladding against the brick.

Insulation Ability


People can get divided regarding insulation on this point. Brick walls are always being considered high on insulation, but when it comes to the matter of comparing its ability with that of polystyrene, you can expect a high level of insulation from the later. Also, polystyrene is considered to be an excellent option when it comes to weather or fire resistance abilities compared to brick. So, once you put the cladding on, you will be able to able to enjoy low energy bills as well as complete protection for your home.


rendering service

When it comes to the aesthetics, there should not be any comparison between polystyrene wall cladding and brick walls. Bricks are only available in a single shade and to make it colourful, you need to spend some extra money on painting it. However, once our experienced professionals explain to you how to render with polystyrene cladding, you will get to know how many colour options are available there for this process and you can choose any of it according to your needs.

The Verdict

Also, the wall cladding required lesser time than building a brick home as there is too much material involved in the later one. So, considering the factors mentioned above, it can be said that polystyrene wall cladding is a much better option when compared to the brick-based walls. All you need to do is to make sure you get it done by the professionals of Rendering Express to make sure you get the real benefits.