can cement rendering be a good option for cladding
Can Cement Rendering be a Good Option for Cladding?

When it comes to cladding any building structure irrespective of the year manufactured (modern or traditional), rendering plays a crucial role and stands out to be the most preferred options by the people on this kangaroo land. A tired facade or a worn-out exterior wall can be given the much-required makeover with the help of rendering. However, according to the experts from the most popular rendering company of Australia, Ust Rendering Express, the feasibility of the different render types need to be assessed prior to the application.

With the different types of available house render ideas, having a design on what is going to work brilliantly helps in getting the right finish.

Feasibility of House Rendering

what to expect at ust rendering express

The feasibility of the rendering works well in all types of houses. Experts say that there are several benefits associated with rendering. It’s often regarded as an easy way to conceal the unattractive looks. The renderers leave no stone unturned in transforming the house to a sleek finished attractive one with flawless rendering in Balwyn. Transforming the exterior of the building to a beautiful one has always remained the top priority.

What to Expect at Ust Rendering Express?

what to expect at ust rendering express

When you are looking for rendering the house, then \it should always be kept in mind that a person can opt for two rendering options- either a partial one or a combination of brick and stone cladding to give the house a real touch of beauty.

Before proceeding with the house rendering, the professionals from Ust Rendering Express catering to cement rendering in Ascot Vale, suggest to know the different products that can help make a difference in the finishing.

Is House Rendering Same as Cladding?

To many, cladding and cement rendering seems to be different. However, according to the experts, it is one type of cladding that is applied to the exterior and interior of the house. The purpose of rendering or cladding has been the following—

  • To protect the wall material from different weather conditions and weathering
  • To give the house an aesthetically pleasing look
  • To ensure decor features in the exterior wall of the house to make it attractive and engaging

Should One Go for Rendering?

With the availability of the different types of rendering products, the companies are ensuring that they produce unmatched rendering. At Ust Rendering, the professionals take care of every aspect and provide the needed rendering in Melbourne apart from adding colour or design element.

Cement Rendering & Cladding Idea

It is one of the most common, popular, and standard rendering options available to all the house owners. It stands out to be an outstanding medium on which designing and texture can be made. The perfect application of topcoat helps in getting a shiny and even surface.


There is hardly a big difference between the two. The right application is always going to make the house look beautiful. In addition to this, the finishing needs to be perfectly handled by the professional to get the ‘as expected’ glaze.