Cement Rendering

Traditional Cement Rendering with a Modern Touch

The most fastidious property owners across Australia have chosen to trust us when it comes to giving their properties a new lease of life. Our comprehensive portfolio covers all types of rendering services to enhance both the quality and functionality of residential and commercial properties. This primer on cement rendering is meant for your kind perusal.

Cement Rendering and its Benefits

Leading our portfolio of services is traditional sand and cement rendering. And what exactly does quality cement rendering in Melbourne have to offer you? Concrete cement rendering is all about enhancing the visual appeal of your home by applying render to brick, mud brick or for that matter to any other concrete structure with diverse designs and textures.

This is something which adds a lot of flexibility to the whole process. Just imagine, a single process being employed for smooth, coarse and even for painted finishes. We recommend this one for everyone looking forward to securing a stable base coating for uneven walls and general levelling of walls.

Layer of Protection

Those looking for a final layer of protection must reach out to our representatives for further insights into cement rendering without a doubt. This coat not only works to correct cracks or others similar discrepancies on the wall but also protects walls from climatic extremities. Talk to our experts to find out how precisely simple cement rendering solutions can keep you sorted on so many levels.

Cement and Acrylic: Different Solutions

Our cement rendering services are widely endorsed across Melbourne. Talk about our keen eye for details or our ability to exceed expectations when it comes to transforming homes – Rendering Express is one name synonymous with unparalleled efficiency and trust. The rendering solutions offered by us are associated with durability and great visual appeal. Notably, knowing the differences between cement and another very similar — acrylic rendering— will help you make an informed decision regarding the choice of one of these methods:

  • Acrylic render takes shorter to dry
  • Cement rendering is very similar to acrylic but offers slightly different results regarding look
  • Acrylic finishes can stick to timber and fibre as well

Though these two rendering solutions are often considered the same, they are not so. Hopefully, the differences as mentioned above outlined by us will help you with better comprehension.


We offer quality cement rendering services within competitive price brackets. You can look up our websites for obligation free quotes or else get in touch with our representatives in a bid to be duly guided. In fact, cement rendering as a process itself is more affordable than most of the other types of renovation. Additionally, it can be completed in no time as well.

The services rendered by us have gone on to bolster property value by several notches in all these years. This is the reason why homemakers with diverse aesthetic sensibilities have gone on to trust us. We are committed to providing you quality craftsmanship at every stage.