Cracks on Cement Rendered Walls? Expert’s Advice on WHAT TO DO NEXT

With several reasons, the cement rendering has the possibility to get crack with time. You might be able to see the formation or development of cracks. However, the reason can be quite challenging to find out.

Possible reason of Cracks on Cement Rendered Walls


The following are some of the common reasons why you might see cracks on the wall–

  • Improper application of the cement render. There can be several cases associated with it. One of them being improper repairing of the external walls
  • Inappropriate mixture of the raw materials
  • Shifting of the walls due to structural issues
  • Natural degradation of the cement-rendered surface because of the wear and tear

Types of Possible Cracks on Cemented Walls


There can be different reasons behind the formation of cracks. Knowing the reasons can help you sort out the problem. According to the experts, getting the cement rendering repairs in Melbourne done at the right time is always going to ascertain that the walls do not get damaged further.

According to the experts, there are basically two types of cracks that are associated with the cemented wall–

  • Cracks due to improper rendering
  • Cracks related to the structural deformity

Ways to Follow for Repairing Cement Rendered Walls


  • Assessment of the Cracked/Damaged Areas

Towards every successful render repair, it is necessary to have a thorough assessment of the damaged/cracked areas. This process might include several steps that involve replacing the corner beads and filling the drummy areas after proper removal has been done.
However, this step has an associated disadvantage. There can be glitches with the finishing. The experts from Ust Rendering Express say that the patches might get visible after the painting work.

  • Repairing the Cracked Areas and then Re-rendering

If you want that there must be no spot on the rendered wall after repair then, this can be one of the repairs that can be opted for.

This step includes fixing all the existing cracks and then applying a fresh coat of cement render onto the surface. Ensuring that the existing wall has an undercoat will ensure that the repaired wall be also treated accordingly. The experts of rendering in Melbourne make sure that this process is followed so that the render does not fall off the surface.

  • Complete Revival of the Rendered Wall

Another way that stands out specific to the repair is getting the surface re-rendered by removing all the old render. This process can be costly; however, this will ensure that the walls get the fresh coat of render yet again.

  • Rebuilding and Re-rendering the Surface

Well, this might be the last way to revive a damaged surface or wall. The experts from Ust Rendering Express catering to rendering services in Melbourne consider this to be the best option when the cracks on the rendered surface have been because of the structural problems.


Any flaws in the process of rendering are always going to crack the surface. Therefore, the professionals leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering the exceptional quality of rendering.