EPS Foam Rendering – The Logic Behind Its Popularity

Foam rendering has of late become one of the most popular wall coating options. Thanks to the emergence of names like UST Rendering Express, it has become one of the most effective forms of rendering that people would like to have on the walls of their properties. It extends the longevity of the walls by a significant extent.

Why Extended Polystyrene?


Extended Polystyrene, which is used in foam rendering is a specific type of lightweight product, which is made up of expanded beads of polystyrene. The extended or expanded polystyrene and the extruded polystyrene are two different types of foams, which are used in rendering.

EPS or the Expanded Polystyrene offers a unique, fabulous thermal performance. It is a specific type of rendering, which involves the use of polymer render in the mix. The cement base in this type of rendering contains silicon water repellents. This makes the mixture resistant to water and moisture.

Flexibility That Counts…


Foam rendering comes with many practical values, and this is what makes it so much popular. Indeed, polystyrene foam rendering not only adds value to the walls but makes its look and feel more appealing. It gives a lot of options to the owners when it comes to lending textured finishes to the walls.

This type of rendering is suitable for almost every kind of surfaces. They may include steel frames, polystyrene sheets and bricks.

Foam Rendering Indulges in Optimal Insulation


When extended or expanded polystyrene is used, this entire technique of making extended polystyrene provides the material with an outstanding insulating characteristic, which makes a huge difference. Besides, the fact that it is moisture and heat resistant also adds to its efficacy. Thus, if you are looking for a cheap rendering substrate in Melbourne, EPS foam rendering is the best option you have.

Apart from being economical and a good insulator, it comes with a string of other benefits as well. The substrate is exceptionally lightweight and durable and is extremely easy to install. And when experts are involved in this form of rendering, things become all the easier. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly also.

Why Consider Cladding Polystyrene Foam?


It is always a better option to choose EPS panel cladding. Polystyrene foam panels are now chosen over fire bricks and the traditional concrete blocks as they reduce the impact of temperature by stopping the heat from going through. Naturally, they are an excellent choice as they provide a high comfort level during the summer as well as winter.

While this makes the outer layer of the walls strong enough to resist the extremities of the Aussie weather, there are some would like to add another extra protective layer on the wall. They achieve this by turning to foam render cladding. If you want to be one of these people you can switch to our reliable specialists. With years of experience under our belt, we are an expert in this type of render cladding.

The Other Benefits…

Polystyrene is an inert substance, and hence it does not encourage any chemical reaction. The materials are so designed not to invite any pests as well. Naturally, these benefits also add to its popularity. If you are willing to join those who opt for foam rendering and foam render cladding, we at UST Rendering Express are the name you need to turn to for the class of rendering that you can only dream of!