Give Your Home A Nice “Venetian” Treatment!

Venetian plaster has been used to finish ceilings and walls for centuries. They were used specifically for skim coating prepared mansory surfaces to achieve a more polished, smooth and attractive feature wall- be it outside or inside.

In the past, this form of plastering was used for architecturally-designed residences and large-scale commercial properties. Not much of that has changed. In fact, there has been a massive resurgence in Venetian plastering. More people are using it for high-end homes, hospitals and even retail outlets.

Venetian plaster putty is made from mixing water with limestone, thus creating lime plaster. This is then blended with many other aggregates such as recycled marble chips (of vivid size and shapes) like example- Marmorino and Tadelakt.

Using these aggregates to the lime putty adds more thickness and depth to the finished exterior/interior wall thereby keeping it unaffected for decades (even more).

At Rendering Express; we offer top-quality Venetian plaster finishes to improve your home aesthetics. Our highly polished and reflective Venetian plaster is very easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they also tend to last a fair length of time.

If you are still unsure about going for it or not, then read the facts below for a better idea.

“Venetian Plaster Can Be Applied To Any New/Pre-Existing Wall Surface.”


The first real deal about Venetian plaster is its versatility. It can be applied to any new or existing wall surface- be wood, stone, brick, cement boards and even drywall.

For help, you can hire our renderer team in Melbourne and ensure your walls get the perfect finish it deserves. Plus, if you are wondering if this can be used for complex archways and columns, if very well can, and on request, our experts will be happy to do it for you.

“On Drying, They Transform Into Rock-Like Material.”


The feature which makes Venetian plaster finish so popular amongst homeowners (and possibly you) is after application, it transforms into a rock-like material.

Our experts at “Rendering Express” will apply the coat on your home wall surface, and once done; it will withstand impact and movements to last for years.

“Known For Its Unique Mineral Composition.”


Venetian plastering consists of unique mineral composition. Not only does it order outstanding breathability, but it also prevents moisture from gathering inside the wall finish.

It also provides resistance from objects known to cause deterioration namely damps, moulds, bacteria and mildew. All these characteristics make Venetian plaster an appropriate option to use in kitchens, pool, spa and even the bathroom.

“Most Importantly, Venetian Plaster Is An Easy Way To Go-Green.”


A lot of our clients in Melbourne wish for an environment-friendly approach to preserve the beauty of their exterior and interior walls.

Believe it or not, Venetian plaster is one budget-friendly way to gogreen for your project. Whatever ingredients are used are non-toxic and natural, and when it is applied to the surface, it creates an antibacterial surface which inhibits the growth of fungus and algae.

Venetian plaster also brings about a positive impact on your energy expenses, particularly with multiple layers of wood and cement board applied prior to the plaster coat. These layers improve your home insulation, making your air conditioner and furnace function more effectively.

Truth be told, Venetian plaster, in the long-term will work more cost-effectively in comparison to painting. Plus, it is also cheaper to tile finishes.

Simply put, it meets your wall finish requirements, perfectly!

If you need a renderer professional near Melbourne, give us a call. “Rendering Express”, will be with you in every phase of your project.