How Does Rendering Help in Adding to the Property Value?

“Will rendering really increase my property value?”

It is one of the common questions our customers often ask us when they are still confused regarding their decision of giving the house a makeover.

Sometimes the confusion arises because they do not understand whether rendering will be appropriate for their wall material or not. On the other hand, they feel doubtful about investing money in rendering because they don’t know about the benefits it lends.

Well, team Rendering Express is here to clear your doubts a bit. We are going to highlight the points that will determine that getting your house rendered by concrete renderers can actually add to the property value. If you are about to sell your home down the line, getting it rendered before will leave you with some significant advantages.

Complete Damp Protection


The damp issue is undoubtedly one of the most concerning factors for every homeowner. The bare brick or concrete walls are more prone to water damps. Whether it is your new home or old home, the problems with water penetration are sure to pop up in some times.

Rendering creates a layer or barrier on the wall that does not let the water ooze in. As long as the rendered wall is not cracked (which does not happen quite often!), you can be sure about the fact that no sign of water penetration will be found.

You will be able to Hide the Real Age of your Property


That’s a significant advantage you can secure by rendering your own home when you are just doing it for enhancing the property value. Buyers always like the properties that are entirely organised so that when they enter and start living, they don’t have to do any repairing work anymore.

And, once rendered, even your old house will look like new. No one who has not seen your paperwork will not be able to guess the real age of your building after the renderers, and polished plasterer in Melbourne are done with their work. So, that is going to be a benefit you will be securing.

Change the Style of your Home


Rendering can ensure a complete makeover of your home not only in terms of appearance but style too. If you had a house with traditional features in everywhere of it, you could easily convert it to a modern home with rendering and some renovation work inside.

Adding a New Dimension to your House


The biggest benefit of rendering is it combines durability and style together. So, when it comes to change the texture or colour scheme of your house along with creating a protective layer all around to increase the selling price, there is no better option than rendering.


Not to forget that rendering is the most durable coating that you can give to your house. After the work is done and you start putting the new pictures of your home to the online property portals, you will instantly witness the difference in the response from the buyers.

Contact us today and give your home the much-required makeover that will be worthy of your every penny spent.