Polystyrene Wall Cladding – What Makes It Such a Feasible Option?

Just pay attention, and you will come across the buzz in the building industry – polystyrene cladding!! Yes! This is the latest sensation that has become the new order of the day in the construction industry.

This is indeed the new trend that offers people some more options that can be used for conventional cladding. They may include timber, the steel surfaces, the masonry, concrete and the likes.

Besides, this type of wall cladding offers an extra layer of insulation along with a protective as well as the decorative exterior finish to the walls. Another critical factor is that it can be used in any construction project.

Here are the principal advantages of this type of wall cladding:



The steel that is used for this type of cladding is generally made up of extremely lightweight materials. This makes sure they are light as well as durable, more so, when they are rendered.

Then again, this variety of wall cladding comes up with specific built-in thermal properties, besides offering high value for insulation.

It also helps in saving energy, when you apply it as cladding for the exterior walls. This is mainly because it helps the interior ofthe house to keep warm and cozy during the long Australian winters and cool during the hot and humid Aussie summers. Thus, polystyrene wall cladding acts as a perfect energy saver and hence, it justifies your investment.

This innovative form of cladding will help make the walls of yourhouse resistant to termites, rodents and white ants. However, for that you need to turn to the best companies that are into thisvariety of wall cladding. What better name can you get than UST Rendering Express, the company that is home to some of the best cladding experts?

Then again, expanded polystyrene is extremely flexible, and hence the sheets can easily be attached to any type of surface material. In fact, it is adaptable to any shape and size, as well as application, thus giving rise to innumerable possibilities of design.

One of the main advantages of polystyrene cladding is that it comes up with properties that make it fire resistant. Polystyrene also reduces flammability, and prolongs combustion, thus reducing the chance of fire-related mishaps.

It helps you to make sure that you can have more interior space, mainly because polystyrene gives you the liberty of setting up narrow, yet extremely sturdy walls. Just get in touch with us at UST Rendering Express, and our experts will come up with perfect polystyrene cladding for your house.

Another critical aspect of this clagging is that the material comes up with specially designed barriers for water as well as vapour. Also, these barriers help the sheets to maintain size and shape, as well as consistency, even when they are subjected to continuous and rigorous saturation for long.

Thus, with so many advantages, there is no wonder that this new and innovative form of cladding will be the darling of the folks.

However, you need to be sure about the quality of clagging you are opting for. Just go for us at UST Rendering Express for the best results. We will leave a mark that you will love for sure!