Rendering Strathmore

Local Rendering Specialists for Quality Work in Strathmore

Rendering is the ideal solution when it comes to protecting structural integrity of your home and earn the difference that would last for the years to come. We are a leading group of rendering contractors who offer cement, stucco, acrylic, solid rendering, repairs and texture coating with perfect colour and finish. We specialise in house rendering and restoration as well.

Our team will assess your property and no matter what is the size of your project, we ensure quality while adding value to it. So, whether it’s newly-built or you want to revamp the existing space to fight off the weathering effect, there is nothing better than rending your home.

Services that come within our specialisation:

Cement rendering
Cement rendering is known as effective way to add strength and aesthetic to the building structure. It is the traditional form of rendering that has been used to beautify the exterior part of your home. At Rendering Express, our specialists for cement rendering in Strathmore know how to cover the rough walls or irregular surfaces with render.

Stucco rendering
Stucco rendering is ideal for exterior finish of building and advantage of applying stucco is it’s versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness. Stucco is porous and stick well to masonry as well as concrete walls. With different colour additives and textures, stucco can be used for a wide range of architectural finishes.

Acrylic rendering
If you’re looking for exterior finish that comes durable and attractive, acrylic rendering is perfect to apply. It is quite stronger than the traditional renders, which means it is less likely to cause any cracks. It is incredibly attractive, as it can be applied in several ways to create different finishes.

Rendering repairs
Do you know why rendered walls get cracked? Well, it is because of the ground movement due to swelling and shrinking over the time. For rendering repairs, we cut down the cracks with angle grinder and clean out all the drummy parts from the wall. While repairing, we fill those drummy parts with cement render patch or acra patch based on existing walls.

Solid plastering
Solid plastering is the art of coating a surface with cement render or hard plaster finish. Besides required aesthetics, the finished surface will get the durability and strength that can accept subsequent render coats. It will give you a smooth and even surface suitable for paint finish.

Texture Coating
Whether it is newly-built or you’re renovating your existing property, we transform your premise with professional texture coating. It offers all the benefits that painting does with a few more. Texture coating work as sealant, saves energy, low in maintenance as well as waterproof, which have made it popular.