Rendering Your Brick Home- Bring The Contemporary Look to Interior

While working with the older style internal brick walls, finer sponge finish makes the old look home modern by giving it the necessary upgrade. With just 2 skim coats can give a fine sponge finish make the walls smooth. In the end, you will get to see an absolutely amazing and livable appearance you’re admiring for.

So, why should you render your brick indoor:


  • To make the interior look modern and completely changes
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Paint it with any colour
  • Increase the span of the house e
  • Make more income by selling or renting the house

What causes brickwork damage:


The reason behind brickwork damage is the moisture damage, and with time, the problem expands across the inner brickwork that will soften and deteriorate further. Brick walls sometimes greatly affected by the central heating as well as plumbing leaks. And, that is when rendering comes into the picture.

Fixing the damage and protecting later:


The first we thing do for rendering service in Craigieburn is dry out the damaged area and repair the seal when necessary to avoid damaging the render. It is important to apply correct material for rendering to keep the brickworks protected and good for years to come.

There are several types of render we provide, but we can’t apply the cement render, as the brickwork needs to breathe and allow any absorbed water to evaporate. Though a lot of traditional building is covered with cement rendering, older brickwork is not the ideal for applying cement render. However, you can choose our modern rendering materials, such as polymer or lime rendering, acrylic rendering, which are more breathable and can give the house a new lease life.

But how to prepare an internal brick wall for rendering?


The first thing our rendering service professionals in Elsternwick will do is dust down the walls and remove the poorly binding material. In case of unpainted bricks, there will be two potential things to treat, and those are invisible mould spores and efflorescence.

Rendering using modern materials:

Modern materials like acrylic renders are flexible enough to stand the normal expansion and contraction of brickwork since it fluctuates with temperature. Did you know all modern renders get the protection against the water, dust and dirt? Moreover, you can avail our coloured rendering option or textured coating at the time of applying render.

Our heat reflective coatings fully reflect 50% of the solar heat by infrared reflection, and hence can reduce the temperature of your house during summer up to 25 degrees. This, in turn, can do savings on your energy bill. With us, you can achieve the classic and contemporary look with a little bit of imagination at a price that makes the style affordable by rendering services in St Kilda.

A professionally applied render can make the difference to make your property look graceful for years after years. It all comes with relying on us. So, if you’re thinking to buy or renovate the building you can look for rendered coating by our professionals. And, you can check out our services at or can call 0413425148 for more details.