Top 4 Factors You Need to Keep in Mind for Exterior Rendering

Rendering is excellent for insulation, and it updates the look of your building too. These are the two most common things about rendering you may have come across lately. But, it has many other benefits in store for you especially, if you know where and how to use it accordingly.

In the course of upgrading the visual appearance of the interior, people often tend to forget the importance of maintaining the exterior of their house. Whereas, the exterior stands out to create the first impression for the onlookers. Of course, the very first thing one considers about your home is how it appears from the outset.

So, the team of Rendering Express has decided to give you some facts related to their exterior rendering services. Our specialists will provide you with some tips to ease your choice of rendering material and style for making your investment worthy.

Read on to find out.

Make Sure the Walls are Smooth Prior Render Application


Well, here lies the importance of the excellent rendering specialists. Usually, the exterior render is prone to last 20-40 years without any glitch only when the professionals get it cleaned and cured before the application process.

The age limit can even extend for high-quality acrylic based rendering too. How smooth the specialists have carried out the job and how clean was the wall before the application started are the two factors that ensure its longevity. So, better leave it to us.

There is No Need of Added Waterproof Layer


Only if you take the need of waterproofing the exterior wall right from the beginning of the rendering process, in most of the cases, even the excellent quality render material fails to protect the building from water and moisture issues in the long run.

So, we suggest you to infuse the waterproofing material in the rendering material itself to keep it protected from moisture and mould buildup for over the years.

Get the Repairing Done before Re-Coating


If you are rendering new walls, you may not have to think of much. But, if you are re-applying the render on the walls, make sure there is no crack on the previously rendered walls.

Ask for the professional help from our experts of render repair inMelbourneto get mend the cracks and previous signs of damage carefully so that the new coat keeps lasting for many years from now on.

Colour it to Give a New Dimension to the Walls


If you want your rendered house to look impressive and better than that of the other homes around your neighbourhood, it is time to add some colour to the render. Make sure the tone you are choosing it to heat reflective rather than absorbing.

Choose white, or any other light shaded colour to add that dimension to the walls. It makes the render heat resistant and also insulation-friendly. Colour gives a layer of protection to the rendered walls as well.

For exterior wall rendering, these are the factors you need to keep in mind. Choose us for the best rendering treatment for your house and give a makeover to our old or newly built home this year.