Why is Acrylic Rendering So Popular in Melbourne Houses?

When it comes to beautifying your house in the best possible way so that it looks great and stop the beauty from fading away, there is no better option than rendering. Rendering is a combination of attractive and durable. And, among the most popular rendering options available in recent time, acrylic rendering certainly stands out for good reasons.

If you are confused about which of the rendering type will be the best for your house, consult with us, the experts of Rendering Express and we will guide you in the right direction. As professionals, we will always recommend you to go for acrylic rendering as we have seen many of our clients in Melbourne are enjoying the benefits of this rendering.

Let’s throw some light on the acrylic rendering process along with its advantages to make sure you know what you are choosing.

What is So Special About Acrylic Rendering?


The acrylic mixture contains plastic that gives the rendered wall more strength and flexibility compared to any other rendering type available in the market. Our high-quality acrylic rendering in Melbourne ensures that your wall does not show any early signs of crack or damage.

The best part of the acrylic render is that it can be troweled, rolled and sprayed on the surface. Our experts stress on applying two coats of this render mix on the wall. Available in different colours, you don’t need to add any extra coat of paint after it is applied.

What are the Main Benefits of Acrylic Rendering?


Let’s jot down the point of benefits one by one for you.

  • It Allows Natural Expansion

Expansion and contraction of the exterior walls are quite common due to climate change. However, due to the flexibility of the material, it expands quite naturally without the chances of getting cracked too easily. So, when you have acrylic render on the walls and live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuation, you don’t need to worry about the durability.

  • It Takes Less Time to Apply and Dry

Well, we certainly don’t want to keep working in your home. And, you don’t want to live in a messy situation for too long as well! Choosing acrylic render will not leave you in a mess for long as it takes less time to be applied and also get dried up quite quickly compared to the other traditional rendering type.

  • It is Resistant to Moisture

Again, unlike the other types of rendering, acrylic rendering scores high on the parameter of moisture-resistance. The coats are breathable and therefore creates a smooth passage for the moisture to move freely underneath. Also, because of water resistance, the fungi and bacteria stay at bay from the rendered walls.

The EndNote

We hope, you have got a clear idea about the popularity of this type of rendering around Melbourne. The foam cladding or EPS cladding is another option for you if you want to ensure that your house remains insulated and looks great at the same time. Are you a Melbourne resident too? Get in touch with the experts of Rendering Express today and join the league.