Why polystyrene cladding has gained so much popularity of late?

Polystyrene cladding has become an extremely popular practice in construction industry. In fact, such has been the popularity of this particular technique that more and more people now prefer this technique to others, when it comes to building their properties. The reason behind this is quite simple! The technique comes up with an array of qualitative value addition and gives people a smart choice among the conventional wall cladding materials like timber, concrete, steel, and masonry.

Truly, polystyrene cladding that we come up with at Ust Rendering Express offers a decorative, protective, as well as insulating exterior finishing effect, which is perfect for any kind of construction works.

Our state of the art polystyrene cladding comes up with the following advantages.

They are lightweight and hence easy to handle


The sheets that we use for polystyrene cladding are chiefly made up of various lightweight materials, which make the material too light and too easy to handle. Even installation and cleaning can be done in a jiffy, because of this lightweight. However, in spite of being so lightweight, the materials are extremely durable and are superb insulators, keeping the interior of the rooms warm, and cozy during winters and cool during the long scorching summers.

They are resistant to termites, rodents and white ants and hence last longer. They do not need frequent maintenance, and hence are pocket-friendly.

They are safe and sound


Yes!! This is another very important point that augments its popularity by manifolds. The polystyrene cladding we offer for Melbourne households come up with fire retardant properties. They also reduce flammability and significantly delays combustion, thereby adding an extra safety layer to your property.

In addition, it comes up with water and vapour resistant barrier. Hence, even if it is subjected to prolonged and intense saturation, it does not lose its principal features – size, shape, and consistency.

They add to the flexibility factor


This is yet another significant factor that the polystyrene cladding offered by Ust Rendering Express comes up with. It seamlessly attaches with any type of surface material. It can be adapted to any shape and size and can be used to any type of application, thereby offering limitless designing possibilities to our techies and constructors.

They are the real space savers


Polystyrene cladding offers narrow, yet sturdy and durable walls, which would allow significant additional spaces in the interiors. Hence, they are regarded as the real space savers – a property that comes in handy for modern apartments where saving space means a lot.

Truly, these are fast turning out to be the long-term choice for the households and teams of designers, architects, engineers, tradesmen. Indeed, a polystyrene cladding system offers longevity of products, coupled with very low maintenance cost.

In addition, the fact that polystyrene cladding price is reasonable makes the products all the more popular these days.

With a string of all these advantages, there is no doubt that the popularity of polystyrene cladding will go on increasing with the passage of time and more and more people will turn to us for a more improved variety of the product. To know further, get in touch with us at Ust Rendering Express via our official website or call us at the number that you will find on the website.