Why Should You Care About Foam Rendering? An Insight!

The practice of rendering foam walls is becoming popular by the day, mainly for the upper sections of a 2 or 3 storeyed building.

In words of a rendering professional, foam render offers a distinct advantage in situations that would be adequate to provide proper support for heavy bricked walls. They are durable, resistance to movement and superior in straightness. And that is what makes it such a good alternative to traditional textured finishes.

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Foam Render and Why Spend On It?


They Are Flexible

Foam render is known for its flexibility, consistency and superior quality. They are apt for most surfaces such as bricks, polystyrene sheets and steel frame buildings. Plus, they are available in a wide variety of colour and finishes.

Great In Insulation Properties

Foam render is known for its excellent insulation properties. They are resistant to scorching temperature and are known to better the moisture capabilities. Furthermore, they are light-weight, long-lasting, easy to fit, and flood and rot resistant.

Rendering Express always uses the best-grade products and techniques for all their rendering repairs in Melbourne and ensure 100% service satisfaction always. Not just foam render, each of our rendering operations is budget-friendly and always start with prior consultation with you.

Speak to our experts to get the best style, texture and colour options for your property renovation.

Some More Perks of Foam Render Treatments:


Foam render treatment presents a clean and contemporary look to your property walls.

They don’t dampen or develop blisters, which is another good news for property owners.

Furthermore, they don’t cause any adverse chemical reactions, and its inert nature is such that it remains impervious to pests.

The cost of different foam render treatments varies from place to place and is measured per square metre. But to get an actual reading could be impossible as different service providers keep their render foam panels price different. So, it would not be a bad idea to consult with these rendering contractors and get a clear reading on the project cost.

Finding The Right Rendering Service Provider:


The good thing is that there are so many rendering service providers serving the needs of their clients. But finding one could be a time-consuming affair. To help find a reliable rendering company, here are some tips to follow.

One should go for an agency with at least 10-15 years of rendering experience both in the commercial and residential field.

Check their license and worker’s insurance. Don’t take their word, request copies of their proof.

They should specialise in all sorts of rendering services such as foam render, acrylic render, cement treatments and more.

Check the areas they serve and whether they keep their service rates as per the accepted rates in the industry.

Inspect their gallery of work and also speak to some of their previous customers. Doing so will present a clear picture of how dedicated and skilful is the company when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of all their customers.

Rendering Express consists of 15 years of experience in the rendering field and enjoys a good reputation in the eyes of all our clients.

So, without delaying any further, contact us and discuss your requirement with our licensed and experienced rendering contractors.